Brazilian Wave #65

Hello reader. Welcome to another edition of Brazilian Wave!

Moving from one place to another or just the organization of any space is a difficult task for most people. Home Organization Specialists such as Brad Borg help make this task much easier. Read the tips provided by Borg in the text by Christian Pedersen.

Songwriter Irinéa Maria Ribeiro, mother of singer-songwriter Luanda Jones, is releasing the first CD of her career which spans 55 years. She is our interviewee this month.

You will also find a calendar of events marking June 10, the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities. Check out all the details in the report by Marta Almeida.

Toronto has cultural attractions for all budgets, even those who do not have much money. Get tips on how to save in the “Culture” session.

Happy reading and until the next edition,

Maya Gasparoto

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