Café com Letras

Event celebrates one year of success!

 By Solange Escosteguy Cardoso*

In partnership with Cajú restaurant , the innovative artist and and wife of the Brazilian Consul-General of Brazil in Toronto, Solange Escosteguy Cardoso, created Café com Letras, a cultural meeting place for Brazilians who live in Toronto. Monthly lectures featuring the most diverse topics as well as useful tips, mark pleasant moments when our country is remembered with traditional Brazilian coffee and delicious cheese bread.

Café com Letras started quietly about one year ago, but, to my surprise, it has grown a lot, and very fast. Several great lecturers have visited, real representatives of the Brazilian community in Toronto: Guiomar Campbell, Danielle Lisboa, Wanja Nóbrega, Simone Bohn, Valéria Sales, Hudson Moura, Denise Gastaldo, Letícia Amaral…. and in such good company, I also gave my contribution.

The topics were diverse: aromatherapy; classical music; entrepreneurship; violence against women; Portuguese as a heritage language; tropicalism in arts; Brazilian cinema; health; immigration and decoration.

Lecture about cinema with Hudson Moura.

I confess that organizing these meetings is a great pleasure that has become the “apple of my eye”. I think the success of Café e Letras is due to the lecturers, the topics about Brazilian culture, and also to the fact that we only speak Portuguese in them. It is our mother tongue that makes us feel at home together, in a nice relaxing environment, just like our Brazilian way of life. The participants, who are always interested in opportunities to exchange information, have turned Café e Letras into an authentic social network.

Meetings are open to those who have recently arrived, those who have lived in Canada for more than 40 years, the youngsters, the less young, men and women, the business community, teachers, housewives, workers, artists.

The Brazilian smile is the common denominator.

*Solange Escosteguy Cardoso is a visual artist, painter and sculptress and wife of the Brazilian Consul-General in Toronto.

Read the interview of Solange Escosteguy to Wave in 2010. For more information about Café com Letras, please check the official website (In Portuguese).

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